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I am glad to present you our first male designer of this edition, which not only is funny and talented but also one of the lucky one to be able to say they were a Mr Virtual World contestant, MR. V♛ BELGIUM 2012. His creations are stylish, and i urge all models to go by his store, his name is Boniefacio from the store Dot BE Fashion.

Hello Boniefacio! Thanks for taking the time out to talk with us.

MB: You have a lovely brand. Tell us the story about how your store came to be.

BR: Well i started in the MVW competition and we had to do different stylings. I then began to build my outfit for cubism and was thinking hey, what if i bring some of my idea’s into sl … and so i did.  And since i’m from Belgium the name Dot BE Fashion Is a reference to Belgium.

MB: Is there a gender you prefer clothes for the most?

BR: Well i prefer making clothing for both, so i don’t really have a preference. Although its not easy and i have to change into a female form to get all the designs right and see if they match.

MB: Are you the type of designer that constructs clothes spontaneously or do you sketch our your pieces before hand?

BR:  Well most of the times i base my clothes on rl designs and art. I try to bring the rl fashion into sl. My latest collection comes from the runway and from Burberry, but sometimes i wake up at night, take my pen and paper and start to write ideas on it. My new collection that’s coming out after my fashion show will be based on fall/winter.

MB: Would you ever consider teaching others the skill of designing?

BR: I could consider this, but i think designing has to be inside of you. Its an art or like a dj. You can teach someone to sketch stuff or to mix music but if the feeling is not within the person you can teach as much as you can there will be no result.

MB: Describe a designing horror story (such as a certain piece coming out completely wrong from what you imagined), if any?

BR:  I was working on my pieces for my fashion show that’s coming up 27 October and i had such a great design in my head until i brought it into sl and i was what am i thinking this doesn’t look right. After 2h of prims adjusting and texturing i decided to delete the entire stuff and start with something else.

MB: Use three words to describe your design aesthetic.

BR: Bring some art in to fashion casual and formal … o o that’s more then three words.

MB: If you could collaborate and make a brand with any designer on Second Life, who would it be?

BR: Yasum Designs, Azlyn makes fantastic outfits and handmade mesh. She is a wonderful, understanding and straight forward women.

MB: What’s in the future for Dot-Be Fashion?

BR: Well i hope Dot-be Fashion is going to stay and grow further in sl and on 27 October i’m going to show my new collection at 2pm. With some great models that will fill the stage and with 1 surprise … nah I’m not saying what it is. But i will say everyone is invited and they can send me a notecard to get a personal invite.

Take a broom ride to his store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mikela%20Isle/81/37/22

A special thanks to my personal assistant, Angexx Quandry who created this interview for me.


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