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If you were directed here for your inscription, please copy paste this in a notecard in Second Life and send to Morgane Batista.


Rename notecard: The Runway Perfect hunt application- your name

Your name:
Your store name:
2nd contact: (not mendatory)


Type of Store (what do you sell):

What is your prize idea:

To receive hunt notices and items I prefer to (choose at least one)
___ be added to an in-world group
___ join a subscriber group (does not take up a group space in-world)

Start Location: Morgane Batista Poses


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Today it is with pleasure that i present you a wonderful designer, WetCat Flux. Not only she is a great builder but also a awesome pose maker. If you ever been to Purplemoon, you will have seen her pose stands here and there. She have a great sense of humor and is a great friend. When you cross her around the grid, don’t hesitate to say hello to her.


Wetcat gladly accepted to participate in the Runway Perfect Hunt edition 2. She offers a set of poses for males and female that i also included within a gorgeous build called Window Shopping.

Creating both Photography and runway poses, let me show you examples of her work.

MB: Hello Wetcat, thanks for giving me some of your time today to answer some questions, so we can get to know you better.

MB: Could you tell me how you came across Second Life for the first time? Was it someone who talked to you about it?

WC: As amusing as it may sound, i came across a Build picture while google-ing, and came to SL looking
for different forms of art. as you all know… u end up finding much more.

MB:We find more and more SL pictures in Google, so we can say you were born to build hehe

MB: Being both a builder and posemaker, which came first in your life professionally?

WC:  Building, it was the first thing i did in SL, from my first week in game. the pose making came later.

MB: Can you remember what was the first thing you built to sell, and your first pose?

WC: My first build was my “Forgotten” Swing, that i have updated and still sell in shop. First pose was a couple pose i made called “Uncontrollable” .

MB: Awesome, what type of builds do you create?

WC: Mostly i find myself focusing on couple and single Swings. i have made other things when needed,
but swings are my Passion – as special as they come. Also, i build my pose props, to create a scene as best as i can.

MB: How would you describe the poses that you make, for theses who never had the chance to try or buy your poses yet?

WC: Hmm.. If needed to describe them, i would say i focus on natural.
i Try my best always to minimize game glitches and body twists that happen when u upload poses into sl.
i always aim to show some emotion in movement. a body position can showcase a lot of feelings even if your face doesn’t.. my couple poses thou are most likely taken out of a 15 year old romantic mind lol

MB: Being so fussy on twisting and glitches myself, i can confirm you have gorgeous poses.

MB: A tough question that we don’t want to answer when we are multi-taskers hehe. If you HAD to choose between only build or only make poses, what would you choose?

WC: Hard call really.
Building has become my own private shrink in SL, and pose making is my joy,
So i guess i cant choose lol . point this question to my close friends –
do they rather see me moody or insane?! o.O …Best if they don’t answer that one… lol

MB: LMAO! We can see your poses on the beautiful vendors of Purplemoon, how did this partnership became reality?

WC: ooh .. Poulet lol.. Poulet Koenkamp the Talented owner of Purplemoon and Myself, have been close friends for a long time. ever since my shop was just a box with windows on some un known mall sim lol.  she is my SL Sister now, and my Cupcake lol..
i always sent her my poses and have started to make sets custom to her gowns when she made a gorgeous gown with a special sculpted Wide collar that not every pose could work with. Plus she needed dramatic poses so she asked me, and i did them with joy. since then i have made a few sets for her gowns, that i sell in her store and mine as well.

MB: Do you work with other designers aside from Poulet Koenkamp?

WC: Well.. i don’t consider it “Working” lol… i sent poses for my designer friends,
i custom for them from time to time. i have customed once for ‘Gizza’ and for the ‘::PM::’+’Finesmith’s runway show, and some mermaid poses for ‘Deviance’. Thou mostly i just spam my Friend-list lol. Poulet is the only designer i have customed for on a regular basis.

MB: Is it something that would interest you?

WC: I always love to Custom work. Sadly my time doesnt allow it much, but i enjoy it.
I like helping someone fulfill a vision. poses are meant for that after all. :)
I never turn down a designer.
Plus i am very chatty lol.. and love working with others. so yeah – would interest me for sure.

MB: Have you ever set a goal for yourself in SL? Did it come true?

WC: I set myself a goal every week :P .. i try to accomplish all i set up to do,
but still long way to go lol. some of my goals have come true – yes.
Professionally, i wouldn’t have thought when i first opened my small shop,
that i would be where i am now. The beauty in SL is that we have limitless options to grow.

MB: What do you have or do in SL that you wish you had in RL?

WC: ooh Thats easy!.. The ability to change hair style with just one click, and the same amount of shoes :P
oh and ofc the ability to build.. in RL i cant even nail a picture to a wall lol

MB: What is the biggest difference and similarity between Wetcat and you in RL?

WC: Well, Honestly lol .. this isn’t very known, but ::WetCat:: is actually a combination of Myself and my RL sister, who is currently away from sl due to personal reasons.
She is still working behind the stage lol.. she is the main pose maker and i’m the main builder, thou we both do all lol. Wetcat is very much me in RL. for better and worst lol.. she inherit my Quirks well.

MB: Oh, that’s news to me, i had no idea. If you received 1 million Lindens, what would you do with it?

WC: Buy a sim, Buy all the sculpts on my Buy list, and shop for shoes till i pass out.

MB: What would you like to say to theses reading you right now?

WC: Hope i didn’t bore you to tears with my aimless mumble lol..
I Welcome you all to visit my shop and Thank you for taking the time to read it.

MB: Lol, thanks for the laughs and taking the time to answer my questions so we can know you better.

To Visit Wetcat’s store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Etherea/42/214/24

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Today, i meet up with another posemaker who became a great friend. With a similar buisness life, we are both posemakers, models, agency and academy owners. I met Trinity officially when we both were in the same team for the Live styling card event, where we had to both share our poses for the same outfits to present in a competition. That’s when our friendship started.

Trinity Graves

When i don’t have to to make a custom pose for a clients, that’s to who i send my clients over, and i know they will be well taken care of. Shes a great girl with a big sense of humour and a big heart. She creates great runway and photoshoot poses!

Starlett Poses

Monster Poses

Hello Trinity, thanks for allowing me to ask you questions so everybody gets to know you better.

Morgane: How did you come by Second Life in the first place?

Trinity: Well I used to play The Sims Online and a friend said hey come play SL its sooo much better. So I did.

Morgane: How long did it take you to find a goal in sl and what was it?

Trinity: I knew what I wanted before I came to SL.
I wanted to be creative and have fun and meet people.

Morgane: How old were you when you got into the fashion industry of SL?

Trinity: Hmm Well My main account is dated back to beginning of 06 and I started Modeling in 08 so 2 years ? Though it wasn’t until last year that I became really serious about my career.

Morgane: You own a Modeling Agency which is also an Academy. Can you talk to us about it?

Trinity: Avante is a wonderful Family oriented place. Where we can leave bias and prejudice at the door. Models come to help one another and learn from one another.

Morgane: You also create poses, when did you open your shop?

Trinity: I opened it about 4 months ago I think.

Morgane: All pose makers have their own reason for why they started to make poses, what was your trigger point?

Trinity: I got tired of going to crazy laggy stores and not being able to find poses that worked for my crazy and out of the box looks. So I decided who better to make poses for Avante models than an Avante model.

Morgane: When you joined SL, did you think you would be where you are at now?

Trinity: Laughs. Does anyone imagine when they are a brand new waddling new avatar that they will be glamorous and successful? No when I came I just wanted to make friends and be creative.

Morgane: How would you describe who is Trinity?

Trinity: Well I like to think im kind generous and caring. I want to make an impact and I feel a strong social conscious and responsibility to my peers to set a good example. I think I have a strong sense of creative fashion and I am always willing to learn something new.

Morgane: What do you do in sl to have fun when you are not working?

Trinity: Well almost everything I do is fun. Mostly I style , hang out with people, enter contests, teach new models, make poses, walk runways, take pictures, and explore the wonders of our virtual universe.

Morgane: Anything you would like to say to all those reading you right now?

Trinity: Grins big and wide. Yeah I would quote the Avante Motto. Fake it till you make it!
This means whatever you do and whatever happens always remember the audience doesn’t know you didn’t mean to do it. So stick it don’t correct it believe in yourself and you will go farther than the stars.

Morgane: Thank you so much for according me some of your time.

Avante Poses: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Anango%20Isle/196/79/1002
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trinitygraves/
Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/photos/avantemodeling/

See original Blog:

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Hi everyone!

time is fly and 10 more days to start The runway perfect hunt, TRPH, !  I think you all curious what item you can get during the hunt, right? We are going to add  photo of  TRPH’prize on Flickr .


You are able to see what you will hunt from The Runway Perfect Hunt ( Oct 1st ~ Oct 31th)

Don’t Miss it !

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