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The Runway Perfect Hunt returns with it’s 6th edition May 1st, 2016.  With the blessing and direction of Morgane Batista, Kathrin Dassin and I, AnneAlyce Maertens, are taking the helm of The Runway Perfect Hunt with the help of Sue Moonwall.  We felt that the hunt exemplifies the best of SL.  We will continue to uphold the standards set forth by Morgane and we will make The Runway Perfect Hunt 6 a hunt of elegance and excellence that people have come to expect from The Runway Perfect Hunt.

Designers interested in joining the hunt please click here.

Runway Perfect Hunt 6 Poster


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I had the chance to have a small discussion with one of the most models loved hair creators. Either it is in prims or mesh, her hairs fits the lifestyle of the fashion industry, which is why you can see models at the store every time you go there. Tabata Jewell is the owner of Vanity hair.

Hello Tabata! Thank you so much for speaking with us.

MB: What made you decide you wanted to make hairs?

TJ: Hi Morgane, i decided to make hairs, cause I needed hairs. I use to be a model in sl, and the fact that i could not find the exact hair i wanted to style my clothes made me go bald in many fashion shows, so i finally decided to give a try and make my own :)

MB: Do you have a favorite hair color you’re particularly drawn too?

TJ: Not at all, depending on the outfit, skin, styling i will choose the color.

MB: How did you choose the name of your brand?

TJ: well, i use to be a real hair whore, so in order to find new hair stores, i use make up names and look for them in search. So one day i typed ” Vanity Hair”, there was no shop named like this. I thought that if i ever had a hair shop that would be the name for it :)

MB: What hair pack would you dub as your favorite?

TJ: the Fatpack LOL

MB: Are there designers in real or SL (or both!) that you idolize?

TJ: I usually like more the songs than the singers. Meaning i don’t really follow any designer, but if i am in love in with one product i try to buy no matter who is the designer ( some times i like very expensive stuff..then i have to save the money in order to get it, but it really is worth it.) In SL is different cause you get to know who is behind the designs, and when you have a personal relation ship with those designers, the whole thing changes. You love a designer, yes, but in my case i love the person that is behind the designer tag.

MB: Describe your design aesthetic in 3 words.

TJ: Not a clue :D

MB: What are your hobbies in Second life other than designing?

TJ: Obviously shopping, when i am done with a hair, i love styling the vendor picture. So i go around and shop the items for that specific hair, it takes me a whole day or even more to do so. I am very picky with my stylings.

MB: What’s your favorite quote (from a movie, designer, etc.) that influences your daily life?

TJ: “It takes 5 seconds to get to the door and leave my apartment, i give you 3” This quote is from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, may not be exactly like that, as i am translating it from spanish. But i have used it a couple times to get rid of undesirable and rude companies. Well, i guess i am not the only one who has had a bad date :)

MB: What’s next for Vanity Hair?

TJ: I really have no idea, i just go with the flow :)


To visit Vanity Hair inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Waterton%20Way/197/111/22

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If you were directed here for your inscription, please copy paste this in a notecard in Second Life and send to Morgane Batista.


Rename notecard: The Runway Perfect hunt application- your name

Your name:
Your store name:
2nd contact: (not mendatory)


Type of Store (what do you sell):

What is your prize idea:

To receive hunt notices and items I prefer to (choose at least one)
___ be added to an in-world group
___ join a subscriber group (does not take up a group space in-world)

Start Location: Morgane Batista Poses

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hi everybody,

I had the pleasure to be invited and be interviewed to talk about the runway perfect hunt on the Happy hunting! show on Treet.tv

To see the interview, click the link: http://treet.tv/shows/happy-hunting/episodes/runway-foolish

Morgane Batista


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Your favorite fashion hunt is coming back for a 2nd edition!

This edition find your favorites of the last edition plus new stores to discover. You loved hunting and shopping, prepare yourself because in April 2012, the fun will be back!

Just like last time, the hunt will be circular with handpicked 50 stores to ensure the quality of the gifts. There will be gifts for everybody females and males. So, bring your buddies, your boyfriend, girlfriend and enjoy the runway perfect hunt.

You will find: hair, jewelry, clothes, shoes, runway poses, skins, makeup, acessories and more.

Join the runway perfect hunt group inworld to get help with the hunt!

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The Runway Perfect Hunt .. presented by Morgane Batista features picture perfect prizes for those that walks the catwalk or just want to look like they do.

The hunt takes place October 1st-31st and consists of 50 hand picked shops.

You have enough of all the hunts that you feel it is not up to your high expectations as runway model? You will be delighted by this hunt created especially for YOU!

The hunt is circular, which means that the 50th shop brings you back to the 1st one. So it’s no problem if you start mid-way.

The first stop is at Morgane Batista Poses Shop

For the Hints, please visit the official blog:

Have a great hunt,
Morgane Batista+


#1 Morgane Batista Poses Shop – Morgane Batista
#2 White Widow – Julie Hastings
#3 Xen’s Hats – Xenobia Foxclaw
#4 My Pretty Pixels (MPP) – MorganeParis Parx
#5 Oceane Body Boutique – Oceane Grumiaux
#6 Beauty lounge – Izadora Pelazzi
#7 Drakke Designs – Mandrakke dagger
#8 Gems & Kisses – Deliziosa Vendetta
#9 Purplemoon – Poulet koenkamp
#10 Chop Zuey – Belle Roussel
#11 PNP – Penelope Rolendis for spishak sorbet
#12 Carrie’s Lingerie – Carrie Bridger
#13 Lushish catz – Kayshla Aristocrat
#14 Dura Hair shop – Chiaki Xue
#15 Angel Dessous – Nando Korobase
#16 Evolve – Reign Congrejo
#17 Shiki – shinichi mathy
#18**-Bubble’s Designs-** –  Bubble Cyberstar
#19 Styles by the gotters –  Eddie Gotter and Sofia Vectoscope

#20 CLEO Couture – Cleopatra Xigalia

#21 Studio Nails – Kathrin Dassin
#22 BehaviorBody Animations – Antosperandeo Allen
#23 deity – veracity afterthought
#24 Lovely Li – lovelymiwako7399 menna
#25 sYs – Systi Cisse
#26 AZOURY – Mayhem Seetan
#27 legal insanity – datrip blackbart
#28 Ducksnake – Geena trill
#29 KiSsy Design – Ksiusha Hykova
#30 Paris Metro Couture – RFB Morpork
#31 Magnifique poses – Scarlet Chandrayaan
#32 Chandelle Design – Chandelle Resident
#33 Agy’s Secret – Agtaope Carter Lane
#34 Quintessencia Store – Aleehssandra Moonites
#35 22769 – Casual Couture – Manuel Ormidale
#36 NC Paris – Narcisssia McMahon
#37 Les sucreries de fairy – Fairyzette Sahara
#38 CCD – Kimber Carter
#39 .:. CHG .:. Fashion – Chrishadley Ghost
#40 MORPHINE – Hadaluna Daines
#41 Prism Designs – Journey McLaglen
#42 L+N Signature – Love Fiertze
#43 Avante Poses – Trinity Graves
#44 Crie Style – Grazioso Alekseev
#45 Condemned Designs – Fareyn Babii
#46 Alloro by Laurel Carlucci – Laurel Carlucci
#47 Sterling Artistry – Silverr Andel
#48 Vero Modero – Bouquet Babii
#49 CandyCrunchers – kittymeow tigerpaw
#50 Aurora Borealis – Sequoia Nightfire

Click on continue read for 50 shops with Hint. 

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Hi everyone!

time is fly and 10 more days to start The runway perfect hunt, TRPH, !  I think you all curious what item you can get during the hunt, right? We are going to add  photo of  TRPH’prize on Flickr .


You are able to see what you will hunt from The Runway Perfect Hunt ( Oct 1st ~ Oct 31th)

Don’t Miss it !

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