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Welcome everybody,

I am so happy to announce the runway perfect hunt is coming up on October 1st. Something unexpected in my real life making my SL life more difficult to deal with. I got a job which takes most of my days, so i been running late on the hunt work. But it’s coming along pretty well now.

Like always, this marvelous hunt was created thinking of models and how we don’t have much time as working models to do hunts and when we do take the time to do one, what we want is gifts that will become useful in our work as runway models and of course print models.

Also what i wished is to have well known stores that are loved by the models already and make them discover little gems that we did not know before. So i am bringing you back designers from the past 2 hunts and added new stores that even i did not know.

Kimmera Madison provided me with the outfit i am wearing on the poster called Sabyn. It’s a wonderful mesh ensemble coming in different sizes to fit your shape better, the jewelry is also from the set. My skin and makeup is in the Jade collection from Oceane Body Boutique, which is also in the hunt for a 3rd time. And of course the pose is Morgane’s runway – Androgyne pose 2 from Morgane Batista Poses.

Here is the stores you saw in the past editions who are back for the 3rd edition:

Morgane Batista Poses, White Widow, CHG Fashion, Aurora Borealis, Shiki, Tres Beau, Oceane Body Boutique, Angel Dessous, xen’s hats, prism, MPP, bubbles, Loveli Mi, Azoury, a la folie, Paris Metro, Moondance, Chop Zuey, ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses, 22769 ~ casual couture, Morphine poses, Quintessência Store, Eden Jewelry, Vanity hair, L+N Signature Designs, Purplemoon and Artistry by ~ E ~.

And those we are welcoming for the 1st time in the hunt:

Miamai, Ezura, Headturners, Dot-BE Fashion, Eden Jewelry, Totally random, Jewelry by zuri, Gizza, Fatal, Posesion, The Funky Chappeau, Mohna Lisa Couture, Just Darling, LIV-Glam, Miss Darcy, Dulce Secrets, Luziefee, Absolutely Smitten Designs, PicMe Poses, Mavazi, Baboom and Silken Moon.

When looking at theses stores what i can tell you is you will get loads of runway poses and jewelry. Also plenty of clothes and watch out for mesh, here they come! Makeup and facial art tattoos, an exclusive skin, hair, nails, an awesome hat and accessories.

This blog will feature again the hints on the Hints and Slurl page of the blog. Multiple bloggers again will showcase in their blog the prizes you can find in the hunt, you will see the link to their blogs on the right side of the page. And the Flickr group of course will still be there so you can post your own pictures taken with prizes you found along with the bloggers and designers who will be posting there too. You can find the group inworld to join for help and discuss with the designers and other hunters.

The time to hunt like models is coming again. I would like to ask you all tho that while hunting please be considerate and remove excessive huds and scripts, so you and others can breathe better.

I hope we get to do more interviews with the designers in the hunt so you can get to know them better.

Prepare lindens, because you won’t be able to resist shopping while you hunt in theses wonderful stores!

Morgane Batista


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Hi everyone!

time is fly and 10 more days to start The runway perfect hunt, TRPH, !  I think you all curious what item you can get during the hunt, right? We are going to add  photo of  TRPH’prize on Flickr .


You are able to see what you will hunt from The Runway Perfect Hunt ( Oct 1st ~ Oct 31th)

Don’t Miss it !

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The Runway Perfect Hunt .. presented by Morgane Batista features picture perfect prizes for those that walks the catwalk or just want to look like they do.

The hunt takes place October 1st-31st and consists of 50 hand picked shops.

You have enough of all the hunts that you feel it is not up to your high expectations as runway model? You will be delighted by this hunt created especially for YOU!

The hunt is circular, which means that the 50th shop brings you back to the 1st one. So it’s no problem if you start mid-way.

The first stop is at Morgane Batista Poses Shop

For the Hints, please visit the official blog:

Have a great hunt,
Morgane Batista+


#1 Morgane Batista Poses Shop – Morgane Batista
#2 White Widow – Julie Hastings
#3 Xen’s Hats – Xenobia Foxclaw
#4 My Pretty Pixels (MPP) – MorganeParis Parx
#5 Oceane Body Boutique – Oceane Grumiaux
#6 Beauty lounge – Vanessinha Vectoscope and Izadora Pelazzi
#7 Drakke Designs – Mandrakke dagger
#8 Gems & Kisses – Deliziosa Vendetta
#9 Purplemoon – Poulet koenkamp
#10 Chop Zuey – Belle Roussel
#11 PNP – Penelope Rolendis for spishak sorbet
#12 Carrie’s Lingerie – Carrie Bridger
#13 Lushish catz – Kayshla Aristocrat
#14 Dura Hair shop – Chiaki Xue
#15 Angel Dessous – Nando Korobase
#16 Evolve – Reign Congrejo
#17 Shiki – shinichi mathy
#18**-Bubble’s Designs-** –  Bubble Cyberstar
#19 Styles by the gotters – Sofia Vectoscope
#20 Mary Jane Shoes – Infiniti Mirihi
#21 Studio Nails – Kathrin Dassin
#22 BehaviorBody Animations – Antosperandeo Allen
#23 deity – veracity afterthought
#24 Lovely Mi – lovelymiwako7399 menna
#25 sYs – Systi Cisse
#26 AZOURY – Mayhem Seetan
#27 legal insanity – datrip blackbart
#28 Ducksnake – Geena trill
#29 KiSsy Design – Ksiusha Hykova
#30 Paris Metro Couture – RFB Morpork
#31 Magnifique poses – Scarlet Chandrayaan
#32 Chandelle Design – Chandelle Resident
#33 Agy’s Secret – Agtaope Carter Lane
#34 Quintessencia Store – Aleehssandra Moonites
#35 22769 – Casual Couture – Manuel Ormidale
#36 NC Paris – Narcisssia McMahon
#37 Les sucreries de fairy – Fairyzette Sahara
#38 CCD – Kimber Carter
#39 .:. CHG .:. Fashion – Chrishadley Ghost
#40 MORPHINE – Hadaluna Daines
#41 Prism Designs – Journey McLaglen
#42 L+N Signature – Love Fiertze
#43 Avante Poses – Trinity Graves
#44 Crie Style – Grazioso Alekseev
#45 Condemned Designs – Fareyn Babii
#46 Alloro by Laurel Carlucci – Laurel Carlucci
#47 Sterling Artistry – Silverr Andel
#48 Vero Modero – Bouquet Babii
#49 CandyCrunchers – kittymeow tigerpaw
#50 Aurora Borealis – Sequoia Nightfire

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