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I am working on The Runway Perfect Hunt edition 5, in second life.

And i am looking for some male & female bloggers to present creations offered in the hunt.

Update: I am now looking only for male bloggers, thank you for such a great response

As you may or not know, this hunt is created with models in mind to gets quality prizes.
Includes pretty much everything a model can need that is usable on a runway.

It will start on April 1st and end on April 30th, including 50 stores.

If you are interested on becoming a hunt blogger, make a notecard containing:
Your name:
Avatar gender: (if you have both genders and wish to do for both, write both)
Your blog address you would blog on:

Rename it The runway perfect hunt 5 blogger – your name and send it back to Morgane Batista inworld.
If chosen, please link this blog to yours: http://therunwayperfecthunt.wordpress.com/

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The Runway Perfect Hunt 4 is hot on our heels beginning on May 1st and ending on May 31st with 50 designers taking part. As such the team are looking for experienced and dedicated bloggers to showcase the hunt prizes.

Successful candidates will need to demonstrate:

* A current active site (with at least 2 posts in the last month)
* At least 6 months blogging experience (ideally with links to feeder sites)
* A flair for style
* Good clear photographic skills ( the use of editting software is optional but not essential).

The search is open to both male and female avatars.

Once we have selected the bloggers who we feel meet these criteria, we will pass their details to the designers taking part in the hunt. They will then send the hunt prizes directly to the bloggers to blog.

If you are interested in being part of this fun project please copy and paste the following information into a new renamed NC with your completed details and return it to LEAH PORTLAND by March 31st 2013.





SL Gender:

How long have you been a blogger?

Date of your last post

Which feeder sites is your blog linked to?

Return to Leah Portland by March 31st 2013.


——-END COPY HERE ————–

Successful bloggers will be notified personally by April 7th 2013 and a notice will be posted in the official TPRH group advising the group of the official bloggers.


TPRH 4 team.

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I am glad to present you our first male designer of this edition, which not only is funny and talented but also one of the lucky one to be able to say they were a Mr Virtual World contestant, MR. V♛ BELGIUM 2012. His creations are stylish, and i urge all models to go by his store, his name is Boniefacio from the store Dot BE Fashion.

Hello Boniefacio! Thanks for taking the time out to talk with us.

MB: You have a lovely brand. Tell us the story about how your store came to be.

BR: Well i started in the MVW competition and we had to do different stylings. I then began to build my outfit for cubism and was thinking hey, what if i bring some of my idea’s into sl … and so i did.  And since i’m from Belgium the name Dot BE Fashion Is a reference to Belgium.

MB: Is there a gender you prefer clothes for the most?

BR: Well i prefer making clothing for both, so i don’t really have a preference. Although its not easy and i have to change into a female form to get all the designs right and see if they match.

MB: Are you the type of designer that constructs clothes spontaneously or do you sketch our your pieces before hand?

BR:  Well most of the times i base my clothes on rl designs and art. I try to bring the rl fashion into sl. My latest collection comes from the runway and from Burberry, but sometimes i wake up at night, take my pen and paper and start to write ideas on it. My new collection that’s coming out after my fashion show will be based on fall/winter.

MB: Would you ever consider teaching others the skill of designing?

BR: I could consider this, but i think designing has to be inside of you. Its an art or like a dj. You can teach someone to sketch stuff or to mix music but if the feeling is not within the person you can teach as much as you can there will be no result.

MB: Describe a designing horror story (such as a certain piece coming out completely wrong from what you imagined), if any?

BR:  I was working on my pieces for my fashion show that’s coming up 27 October and i had such a great design in my head until i brought it into sl and i was what am i thinking this doesn’t look right. After 2h of prims adjusting and texturing i decided to delete the entire stuff and start with something else.

MB: Use three words to describe your design aesthetic.

BR: Bring some art in to fashion casual and formal … o o that’s more then three words.

MB: If you could collaborate and make a brand with any designer on Second Life, who would it be?

BR: Yasum Designs, Azlyn makes fantastic outfits and handmade mesh. She is a wonderful, understanding and straight forward women.

MB: What’s in the future for Dot-Be Fashion?

BR: Well i hope Dot-be Fashion is going to stay and grow further in sl and on 27 October i’m going to show my new collection at 2pm. With some great models that will fill the stage and with 1 surprise … nah I’m not saying what it is. But i will say everyone is invited and they can send me a notecard to get a personal invite.

Take a broom ride to his store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mikela%20Isle/81/37/22

A special thanks to my personal assistant, Angexx Quandry who created this interview for me.

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Thanks to Wicca Merlin who did the german-english translation, i was able to do an interview with a wonderful lady who creates beautiful clothes for Baboom. Her clothes both mesh and else are handmade, which makes it so much more special. Meet Kyra Camel.

Hello Kyra, thank you very much for allowing us to get to know you better through a couple of questions.

MB: What was your Second Life like since your beginning until you started designing?

KC: I am in SL since 2007. There was advertising in the TV for SL and I was very curious what I could do and what would be possible in SL. On the TV spot as well they said “with building you can earn money”… In the beginning it was not easy to get used to SL and it’s functions, like how to built, whats a viewer and much more. What I learned first was “Go to Jazz Clubs and meet people”. With that I found my first contacts in the Phats Cats club. I was roaming around through different clubs, dancing , flirting and having fun. With all this first contacts I made, I learned how SL works, how to built and I got a lot of great advices.

MB: When did you start creating in Second Life and what made you decide to become a designer in Second Life?

KC: After being 3 month in SL i started looking more and more about clothing. I am a passionate stitcher in SL and so i had a few visions, which got stopped by the way SL buidling works. In the beginning i tried to use full perm items to make my outfits as I was not able to use graphic programs like photoshop or any of those. But I was never satisfied with what i found and so I tried to find other possibilities and found Gimp. I was working hard to understand Gimp and how to make my own layers. It took some time and during this process I lost my temper and nerve. In 2008 i started over and made tried to design fantasy dresses. In the beginning of 2011 I went back to casual and formal gowns… kinda the regular fashion ;)

MB: What do you enjoy doing in Second Life when you are not in creation mode??

KC: At the moment i like to travel around and look for wonderful created sims like Artscreamer and such. Sometimes i like to RP too and write my blogs or foll around in Facebook. AS well i like little browser games to fill some free time.

MB: Can you tell our readers what we can we expect to find in your store?

KC: At the moment woman’s fashion, dresses for all occasions, casual, formal and some accessories and shoes.

MB: You do mesh clothing along with *normal* clothing, which do you prefer and why??

KC: Mesh… i learn to to my own mesh prims and a few to sell already. But i still like the “old” stuff like prims and sculpties, even if i like mesh and sculpties the most ;) To mix mesh and layer with flexible prims is a very interesting thing for me right now. I think a flexi skirt or accessories can add a nice touch to an outfit. So to speak i have no special favor, I think all of the together make it :)

MB: If we were to ask your friends what they think of you, what do you think they would say?

KC: Hmm, *smiles* good question! I think i would love to know that too!*laughs* I think everyone will see me different and it is very difficult to guess what people would say about me. I hope it would be something like “kind, helpful and stable”

MB: Could you tell us something we don’t know about you and that you would wish to share?

KC: I will keep learning, anyways if mesh or what ever will come. I will always try to improve myself with textures, mesh and all what i can get a hold of as i am never satisfied with my self. So stay tuned what will come ;)

MB: Any last message for the readers?

KC: i wish you all a wonderful time and an exciting hunt. Happy Hunting

Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

To visit the store blog: http://baboomcouture.wordpress.com/

Slurl inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maharepa%20Bay/243/70/22

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I had the chance to get an interview with a special skin and makeup creator.  I had heard of her store so many times but cannot remember the last time i went there. But theses are wonderful, offered in even many skin colors, not only normal skin tones. A big thank you to Wicca Merlin who allowed this interview to be possible, being the translator, as i speak French and English but not German. This Designer is Malicia Python from Silken Moon

Hello Malicia, thank you very much for allowing us to get to know you better through a couple of questions.

Hi Morgane, thank you so much for your interest

MB: How did you discover Second Life, and why did you decide to join?

MP: The first time I heard about SL was actually professional, I heard that some companies had a bad time trying to use the game for advertising. A lot later I was curious about how to be a vampire there – seems I liked it.

MB: At which moment did you start thinking of doing creations in Second Life?

MP: I always loved skins, but had no idea how they were made. I stumbled over a set of templates and really got hooked actually making all the skins I could not find.

MB: Did you have a background in graphic art prior to Second Life?

MP: Only „passively“ I am a copywriter, means I work with designers. So I got a bit about how to make things look good and what Photoshop can do.

MB: Can you tell our readers what we can we expect to find in your store?

MP: I picked the name Silken Moon for the different aspects that conglomerate in my work. The aim for beauty (Silken) combines with imagination (Moon). So you find Vampiresses, dead aristocrats and fantasy characters next to drama queens and 60s girls.

When I thought about a claim for Silken Moon, it was „Skins with character“. I want them to have an attitude – conveying the idea I had making them.

MB:  What inspires you when you create skins and makeup?

MP: Any idea can be the ignition for a new face. A bit of tartan became a punk girl, a book about a 20s girl resulted in creating the Flappers. I see my girls as characters, so even their makeup is unique, matching how I feel they would fancy up for an occasion.

MB: You started to make mesh clothing, what do you love most about mesh?

MP: The way it is to be textured. I hate working on the system clothes for all the seams and stretching when rendered onto an avi. Mesh allows so much more there. And it is a nice change to stare at something not flesh-coloured at times,

MB: If you could have 1 skin you made to have in real life, no matter the skin colors, which one would it be?

MP: Oh thats a tough one. If worn as my own skin, I guess it would be one of the Minas. For ages I have always worn the newest skin I made but I got stuck with Mina as she has a lot of me. If I could just wear it in turns with my normal mug, it would be Clawdia, the angry vampire. Let‘s scare some kids :).

MB: Could you tell us something we don’t know about you and that you would wish to share?

MP: Did you know my skins pick their own names when I make them? At some point, a becomes a persona, that is when a name flashes into my mind – as if they told me.

MB: Anything else you wish to tell our readers?

MP: As I will not make any acceptance speeches soon, I‘d like to thank all the people who gave me feedback – esp. honest criticism, encouragement and lovely compliments on my work. And my friends who bore with my follies and rants and helped in so many ways.

Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

To visit her store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Napf/31/37/40

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I had the chance to have a small discussion with one of the most models loved hair creators. Either it is in prims or mesh, her hairs fits the lifestyle of the fashion industry, which is why you can see models at the store every time you go there. Tabata Jewell is the owner of Vanity hair.

Hello Tabata! Thank you so much for speaking with us.

MB: What made you decide you wanted to make hairs?

TJ: Hi Morgane, i decided to make hairs, cause I needed hairs. I use to be a model in sl, and the fact that i could not find the exact hair i wanted to style my clothes made me go bald in many fashion shows, so i finally decided to give a try and make my own :)

MB: Do you have a favorite hair color you’re particularly drawn too?

TJ: Not at all, depending on the outfit, skin, styling i will choose the color.

MB: How did you choose the name of your brand?

TJ: well, i use to be a real hair whore, so in order to find new hair stores, i use make up names and look for them in search. So one day i typed ” Vanity Hair”, there was no shop named like this. I thought that if i ever had a hair shop that would be the name for it :)

MB: What hair pack would you dub as your favorite?

TJ: the Fatpack LOL

MB: Are there designers in real or SL (or both!) that you idolize?

TJ: I usually like more the songs than the singers. Meaning i don’t really follow any designer, but if i am in love in with one product i try to buy no matter who is the designer ( some times i like very expensive stuff..then i have to save the money in order to get it, but it really is worth it.) In SL is different cause you get to know who is behind the designs, and when you have a personal relation ship with those designers, the whole thing changes. You love a designer, yes, but in my case i love the person that is behind the designer tag.

MB: Describe your design aesthetic in 3 words.

TJ: Not a clue :D

MB: What are your hobbies in Second life other than designing?

TJ: Obviously shopping, when i am done with a hair, i love styling the vendor picture. So i go around and shop the items for that specific hair, it takes me a whole day or even more to do so. I am very picky with my stylings.

MB: What’s your favorite quote (from a movie, designer, etc.) that influences your daily life?

TJ: “It takes 5 seconds to get to the door and leave my apartment, i give you 3″ This quote is from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, may not be exactly like that, as i am translating it from spanish. But i have used it a couple times to get rid of undesirable and rude companies. Well, i guess i am not the only one who has had a bad date :)

MB: What’s next for Vanity Hair?

TJ: I really have no idea, i just go with the flow :)


To visit Vanity Hair inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Waterton%20Way/197/111/22

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I have the pleasure to present to you all the very first interview of the Runway Perfect Hunt edition 3 with the designers. This first lady, was in the 2nd edition also, i am sure you will remember her from the gorgeous nails she offered! Adorable, fun, energetic and sweet, now is time for you to enter in her world and get to know better TRPH3 #30 – Kathrin Dassin of Moondance.


Hello Kathrin! Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us.

Morgane Batista: What inspires you the most to design? Whether it is bright colors, nature, patterns, etc.

Kathrin Dassin: I think it had alot to do with watching other people creating items for others in SL, and not finding something that fit me and what i was looking for.

MB: Name your favorite piece that you have made and the story behind it’s creation!

KD: I would have to say my saffron swirls 3d set. Which does have a story behind it. I created it while i was actually getting my RL wedding set up, and looking for a invitation that i could do. Well as i was doing the texture, I decided to use the texture for my wedding invite. And so my wedding invite, and my thank you cards, as well as my response cards ended up with that design, and i ended up wearing it in real life as well.

MB: Are there designers in real or SL (or both!) that you idolize?

KD: Yes there are, Spooky Mistwallow, owner of Kastlerock Couture, and Belle Roussel from Chop Zuey

MB: What’s next for the Moondance Boutique? (Any sneak peeks at potential nail sets?)

KD: Of course new nail set sand yes actually i can give you a sneak peek at a new nail that i’m working on, this nail is based on my favorite Anime of all time, Sailor Moon. This is being 100% hand drawn in photoshop and it is very intricate.

MB: If you could design any other thing in SL, what would it be? (Clothes, cars, houses, etc.)

KD: I think Jewelry, but not with the nails

MB: Describe your design aesthetic in 3 words.

KD: Unique, bold, classic

MB: How did you choose the name of your brand?

KD: I was doing belly dancing in the house one day and well the way they move their fingers looks so much more beautiful with nails on it, and one day i saw a bellydancer in front of the moon and that’s how i came up with the brand name

MB: When you came into Secondlife, did you know you wanted to be a designer?

KD: No I didn’t haha

MB: What are your other hobbies in Secondlife?

KD: I enjoy Roleplay, and taking pictures of myself, my husband and friends. And now styling outfits. I’ve started to find it very fun if frustration

Thanks for sitting down to talk with us!

To visit her store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Precious%20Breedables/101/20/22


Personally i would like to offer a huge thank you to my personal assistant Angexx Quandry who made this beautiful interview with Kathrin, for me while i was extremly busy, love you tons.

Look out for the next interview coming soon!

Morgane Batista

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Today it is with pleasure that i present you a wonderful designer, WetCat Flux. Not only she is a great builder but also a awesome pose maker. If you ever been to Purplemoon, you will have seen her pose stands here and there. She have a great sense of humor and is a great friend. When you cross her around the grid, don’t hesitate to say hello to her.


Wetcat gladly accepted to participate in the Runway Perfect Hunt edition 2. She offers a set of poses for males and female that i also included within a gorgeous build called Window Shopping.

Creating both Photography and runway poses, let me show you examples of her work.

MB: Hello Wetcat, thanks for giving me some of your time today to answer some questions, so we can get to know you better.

MB: Could you tell me how you came across Second Life for the first time? Was it someone who talked to you about it?

WC: As amusing as it may sound, i came across a Build picture while google-ing, and came to SL looking
for different forms of art. as you all know… u end up finding much more.

MB:We find more and more SL pictures in Google, so we can say you were born to build hehe

MB: Being both a builder and posemaker, which came first in your life professionally?

WC:  Building, it was the first thing i did in SL, from my first week in game. the pose making came later.

MB: Can you remember what was the first thing you built to sell, and your first pose?

WC: My first build was my “Forgotten” Swing, that i have updated and still sell in shop. First pose was a couple pose i made called “Uncontrollable” .

MB: Awesome, what type of builds do you create?

WC: Mostly i find myself focusing on couple and single Swings. i have made other things when needed,
but swings are my Passion – as special as they come. Also, i build my pose props, to create a scene as best as i can.

MB: How would you describe the poses that you make, for theses who never had the chance to try or buy your poses yet?

WC: Hmm.. If needed to describe them, i would say i focus on natural.
i Try my best always to minimize game glitches and body twists that happen when u upload poses into sl.
i always aim to show some emotion in movement. a body position can showcase a lot of feelings even if your face doesn’t.. my couple poses thou are most likely taken out of a 15 year old romantic mind lol

MB: Being so fussy on twisting and glitches myself, i can confirm you have gorgeous poses.

MB: A tough question that we don’t want to answer when we are multi-taskers hehe. If you HAD to choose between only build or only make poses, what would you choose?

WC: Hard call really.
Building has become my own private shrink in SL, and pose making is my joy,
So i guess i cant choose lol . point this question to my close friends -
do they rather see me moody or insane?! o.O …Best if they don’t answer that one… lol

MB: LMAO! We can see your poses on the beautiful vendors of Purplemoon, how did this partnership became reality?

WC: ooh .. Poulet lol.. Poulet Koenkamp the Talented owner of Purplemoon and Myself, have been close friends for a long time. ever since my shop was just a box with windows on some un known mall sim lol.  she is my SL Sister now, and my Cupcake lol..
i always sent her my poses and have started to make sets custom to her gowns when she made a gorgeous gown with a special sculpted Wide collar that not every pose could work with. Plus she needed dramatic poses so she asked me, and i did them with joy. since then i have made a few sets for her gowns, that i sell in her store and mine as well.

MB: Do you work with other designers aside from Poulet Koenkamp?

WC: Well.. i don’t consider it “Working” lol… i sent poses for my designer friends,
i custom for them from time to time. i have customed once for ‘Gizza’ and for the ‘::PM::’+’Finesmith’s runway show, and some mermaid poses for ‘Deviance’. Thou mostly i just spam my Friend-list lol. Poulet is the only designer i have customed for on a regular basis.

MB: Is it something that would interest you?

WC: I always love to Custom work. Sadly my time doesnt allow it much, but i enjoy it.
I like helping someone fulfill a vision. poses are meant for that after all. :)
I never turn down a designer.
Plus i am very chatty lol.. and love working with others. so yeah – would interest me for sure.

MB: Have you ever set a goal for yourself in SL? Did it come true?

WC: I set myself a goal every week :P .. i try to accomplish all i set up to do,
but still long way to go lol. some of my goals have come true – yes.
Professionally, i wouldn’t have thought when i first opened my small shop,
that i would be where i am now. The beauty in SL is that we have limitless options to grow.

MB: What do you have or do in SL that you wish you had in RL?

WC: ooh Thats easy!.. The ability to change hair style with just one click, and the same amount of shoes :P
oh and ofc the ability to build.. in RL i cant even nail a picture to a wall lol

MB: What is the biggest difference and similarity between Wetcat and you in RL?

WC: Well, Honestly lol .. this isn’t very known, but ::WetCat:: is actually a combination of Myself and my RL sister, who is currently away from sl due to personal reasons.
She is still working behind the stage lol.. she is the main pose maker and i’m the main builder, thou we both do all lol. Wetcat is very much me in RL. for better and worst lol.. she inherit my Quirks well.

MB: Oh, that’s news to me, i had no idea. If you received 1 million Lindens, what would you do with it?

WC: Buy a sim, Buy all the sculpts on my Buy list, and shop for shoes till i pass out.

MB: What would you like to say to theses reading you right now?

WC: Hope i didn’t bore you to tears with my aimless mumble lol..
I Welcome you all to visit my shop and Thank you for taking the time to read it.

MB: Lol, thanks for the laughs and taking the time to answer my questions so we can know you better.

To Visit Wetcat’s store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Etherea/42/214/24

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Hello dear readers, I decided to present you some of my designer friends. Today i will be starting with one of my oldest friend, Mandrakke Dagger. I met him when i was almost a newb, at the club he was working at. From the first boots he made that i saw, i knew he had potential, always careful of details. Highly detailed touches added to make every pair unique. No matter what you want, you will find a boot to suit your desires. Mandrakke is currently part of the Runway perfect hunt going from oct. 1st to oct. 31st, offering sexy boots for all the ladies. Find different pairs every week in his 60L weekends vendors.

Hi Mandrakke, Thank you for accepting to do an interview with me.

Morgane: Mandrakke, how did you discover about Second Life?

Mandrakke: I was working with a guy as a level designer and he had mentioned people making real money on games like Second Life, a couple weeks later I stumbled across Second Life from an article in a real estate magazine talking about a guy that got rich selling virtual land so i figured I would take a look.

Morgane: What were you doing in SL, before you start working?

Mandrakke: Playing in the casinos when they were still legal but that didn’t last too long, I think within a month of me being here, the Lindens banned gambling across the grid.

Morgane: What was your first job in SL? Did you like it?

Mandrakke: Technically I guess my first job would have been security at Provocative Night Club and yes it was fun.

Morgane: How did you come up with the idea of creating boots?

Mandrakke: It was either going to be hair or boots and boots allowed more creativity and variety and hair confused the hell out of me. I didn’t know where to start

Morgane: Did you have a specific idea of what your style of boots was going to be?

Mandrakke: In the beginning, I just wanted a small variety, I didn’t have anything set in stone because this was all new to me, I didn’t know what was popular, I just wanted to make a name for myself and see where it would take me.

Morgane: Can you describe us what type of boots you create?

Mandrakke: I create anything from ankle boots to crotch high boots. The one thing that you will find is a lot of them are themed. Everyone is different and has different tastes so I am creating an endless variety of “flavors” and lifestyles for everyone from a nice simple traditional design to an meticulous one of a kind of boot that still has sex appeal.

Morgane: Can you tell us, what makes Drakke boots what they are?

Mandrakke: Well I would have to say there are a few things, one being the detail I put into each boot design, they do not get released until they are perfect and everything is lined up correct or get smacked up side the head and get told they are done. =) The other thing that stands out is the chrome heel and sole, and now the realistic gold heels, if it has a chrome heel, its a Drakke’s, or a cheap copycat.

Morgane: Do you create other things aside to boots?

Mandrakke: No no <smiles> only boots for the time being, the group keeps me busy with new designs but Shade Designs does create matching outfits and they are part of the same store so you can get completely sexified with boots and matching outfits

Morgane: What do you like the most in designing?

Mandrakke: The endless possibilities limited only to your mind. It lets you explore and create anything and everything.

Morgane: Mandrakke, what can we expect from you in the future?

Mandrakke: Well with the introduction of mesh in Second Life, I am thinking I might step… verbally of course… into heels, but that is still a ways into the future and you might be seeing a lot more of Drakke in the news if all goes well.

Morgane: What is your past time in SL when you are not working?

Mandrakke: Not much lol, now a days I work until I fall asleep it seems, my goal is to make Drakke my primary business in all worlds and with that, it doesn’t leave much free time for the time being but when we do find free time, it’s usually goofing around or watching something together, talking, or looking up useless facts and goofy clips on the Internet and if there is a lot of free time, we might run to a CCS sim.

Morgane: Anything you would like to say about you to those reading this right now?

Mandrakke: Hmm, I am crazy, funny, annoying at times, and don’t take things seriously other than my dedication to this business. And of course Thank You to everyone, without them I wouldn’t be here. Please spread the word, if you like what I do, it’s the best thing you can do to help me keep doing it. I have big plans but without the voice of the people, I am only one man.

Thank you Mandrakke for your time!

To see and try his awesome boots, visit his store at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Phoenyx/70/182/25

Original Blog post: http://morganebatista.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/up-close-with-mandrakke-dagger/

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Today, i meet up with another posemaker who became a great friend. With a similar buisness life, we are both posemakers, models, agency and academy owners. I met Trinity officially when we both were in the same team for the Live styling card event, where we had to both share our poses for the same outfits to present in a competition. That’s when our friendship started.

Trinity Graves

When i don’t have to to make a custom pose for a clients, that’s to who i send my clients over, and i know they will be well taken care of. Shes a great girl with a big sense of humour and a big heart. She creates great runway and photoshoot poses!

Starlett Poses

Monster Poses

Hello Trinity, thanks for allowing me to ask you questions so everybody gets to know you better.

Morgane: How did you come by Second Life in the first place?

Trinity: Well I used to play The Sims Online and a friend said hey come play SL its sooo much better. So I did.

Morgane: How long did it take you to find a goal in sl and what was it?

Trinity: I knew what I wanted before I came to SL.
I wanted to be creative and have fun and meet people.

Morgane: How old were you when you got into the fashion industry of SL?

Trinity: Hmm Well My main account is dated back to beginning of 06 and I started Modeling in 08 so 2 years ? Though it wasn’t until last year that I became really serious about my career.

Morgane: You own a Modeling Agency which is also an Academy. Can you talk to us about it?

Trinity: Avante is a wonderful Family oriented place. Where we can leave bias and prejudice at the door. Models come to help one another and learn from one another.

Morgane: You also create poses, when did you open your shop?

Trinity: I opened it about 4 months ago I think.

Morgane: All pose makers have their own reason for why they started to make poses, what was your trigger point?

Trinity: I got tired of going to crazy laggy stores and not being able to find poses that worked for my crazy and out of the box looks. So I decided who better to make poses for Avante models than an Avante model.

Morgane: When you joined SL, did you think you would be where you are at now?

Trinity: Laughs. Does anyone imagine when they are a brand new waddling new avatar that they will be glamorous and successful? No when I came I just wanted to make friends and be creative.

Morgane: How would you describe who is Trinity?

Trinity: Well I like to think im kind generous and caring. I want to make an impact and I feel a strong social conscious and responsibility to my peers to set a good example. I think I have a strong sense of creative fashion and I am always willing to learn something new.

Morgane: What do you do in sl to have fun when you are not working?

Trinity: Well almost everything I do is fun. Mostly I style , hang out with people, enter contests, teach new models, make poses, walk runways, take pictures, and explore the wonders of our virtual universe.

Morgane: Anything you would like to say to all those reading you right now?

Trinity: Grins big and wide. Yeah I would quote the Avante Motto. Fake it till you make it!
This means whatever you do and whatever happens always remember the audience doesn’t know you didn’t mean to do it. So stick it don’t correct it believe in yourself and you will go farther than the stars.

Morgane: Thank you so much for according me some of your time.

Avante Poses: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Anango%20Isle/196/79/1002
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trinitygraves/
Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/photos/avantemodeling/

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